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Who is Leandro

I’m an IxD and UX Designer, with 16 years experience, also 10 years of experience in UI Design, mobile and web. In the last period of my career I've been Creative Director for 2 companies and managed a team of 6 people under me.
I was born in Brescia, Italy, living mostly next to Garda Lake. I've worked for big name companies in Italy, moved in USA in 2013 and working with the best people ever, trying to make the difference in this beautiful country.



from paper to digital

How I wanted to improve their catalog and bring everything digital

  • Overview

    I've worked two years in SkyMall (who for those don't know it, it was the paper catalog full of funny/sad things that you could have found pretty much on all the airplanes in USA). The first thing that I've realized (and that shocked me) it was that for 20 years they kept the same business model. Not that it's bad, but when for 20 years you don't change anything about that, the risk that a competitor comes up is very high. There were a lot indeed, first of all: Amazon.


    The biggest problem was that to be on all the airplanes of all the USA airlines, they needed to pay 17 Million dollars (per year!) because the weight of those pages, that were consuming a lot of gas.
    The second biggest problem to me was that they were focusing all the business on the paper and on a very old website. There were not interest from the users to the products and the catalog was used just to make some laughts.


    My idea was to create a mobile app (IOS) that was going to be used mostly on the airplane with free WIFI (collaboration with GoGoAir), creating interest using gamification and cutting the pages of the paper catalog to max. 20. Users were able to use QR codes with their cellphones to view video of the products and be able to buy those directly from the app. Doing that SkyMall was already saving $10 million a year.

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Click hereto see a video about the app.


Phoenix Suns
Intranet redesign concept

From a unused intranet to a social/gamification/archive platform.

  • Overview

    Working for the Phoenix Suns it has been an amazing experience. When I was a kid I was dreaming two things: coming in the USA and the "breathing" the magic world of NBA. I grown up watching Jordan, Barkley, Malone etc playing on the NBA basketball fileds. When you step and walk on one of those fields because a private tour well, I'm feeling lucky to do this job!


    Phoenix Suns needed to redesign the intranet. What they had was so stuck and nobody was using it. There were a mess with the documentation and the User Experience was not existing at all, very messy and very difficult to navigate and find what you were looking for.


    My idea was to create platform able to being used everyday, an organized place where to EASILY find what you are looking for.
    To do that I've created a very simple menu, always on top even if the user scrolls.
    For incentivate the users to go back and access everyday I studied few elements of gamification, points if he/she is sharing content and, just because we are talking about a sport company, points if the employees were living a healthy life full of good food and excercise.
    Also, I've organized the content and create new sections for the feeds, customizable by the user, choosing the arguments that the employee can see everyday.

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Network Security Investigation Tool.

IT security platform design

  • Overview

    Probably the most challegning project I've never done. The client here is a Startup and they don't have an actual product. My job was to re-invent the way to show the security data in a completely and new way than the competitors are doing.


    Despite the difficulty to understand terms that I never heard before, I didn't have any referrements of any prevoius/similar projects around the web, so I had to start from zero designing a new way to show the data.
    The Client needs to show in real time which were the events that require an immediate intervent and which are instead the ones that can be put in a hold status.


    My idea was to create different colors to differentiate and separate the categories. Then I'd like that the final user become used to see the different labels always in the same position, even if they are hidden in that occasion. The result is that the user's eye become used to associate positions and colors of each labels, so he will be always aable to recognize at the first moment the typology and the severity of an issue.

    Also, the use of tabs in order to give to the user the possibility to open more than a ticket simultaneously.
    With these solutions the Client was so happy and satisfied, able to have a prototype in order to show it around looking for founding, in few words: my goal has been achieved.

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Cupertino, CA

Redesign of internal softwares

  • Overview

    The most exciting project that I've followed since I'm here in USA. Working for and at Apple is a dream came true for someone like me rised and born in a little town in Italy.


    I can't obviously say too much because still under an NDA, but I'm working on few internal software to manage an application used by iOS users. The problem here is that since they started to create these software, they understimate the importance to have an IxD/UX designer from the beginning into the team. As you can image, after 8/9 months of developers adding and adding functionalities without an UX strategy, the result is a little bit messy, functional but difficult to use.


    I'm redesigning everything from ZERO, from the interaction to the UI all the software that they need to use and that thousands of people will use

    My job will define the guideline for the future for the developers and it will be used by thousands of users around the globe.

  • Big Names section

    I've worked also for those brand during these past years:

    • 2003

      Macromedia Flash e-commerce website (bags section)

    • 2012-13

      iPad application dedicated to the airplane pilots, able to send alerts and pdf's briefing of dangerous localities.

    • 2015

      An iPad application used by the workers to fix any issues caused by natural events. The app was managing tickets, position of the worker and pictures of the damage (before and after).

    • 2015

      Redesign of their intranet

    • 2013

      Car configurator for the car model Silverado 2014.

    • 2009

      Collaboration with the agency Leo Barnett for the car configurator minisite of the car model Fiat Punto.

    • 2012

      The Beach Boys website redesign.

    • 2013-14

      Redesign of their actual website. The challenge was to mantain the entire layout as it was because there was a problem with their CMS.

    • 2018

      New website redesign.

    • 2018

      Mobile application to sign up new patiences while visiting their ambulatories.

    • 2019

      Designing a new Mobile application for the operators to schedule and fix the wells pumping oil around the fields.

    • 2018

      New iPad application for vendors providing food to the restaurants. The application was managing orders, users and escalations.

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